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May 1, 2008


Curiosity killed the cat.

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Michele: The Cat's Meow

A new kitty was in the hood, and Tiger coveted this feline with the seductive, swishing tail.
He already had a girl; Snowflake was a wonderful partner, but she wasn't as frisky as she used to be. She had let herself go, gained a few pounds, her fur wasn't as soft... He glanced at the strutting new kitty and decided to trade up.

Tiger leapt into the street, wanting to surprise her with a butt sniff, but a yellow Mustang squashed his dreams.

Snowflake appeared and looked at her boyfriend's guts in the road.

"Eh, he was getting old, anyhow."

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Sealyon: The Cat Came Back

Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought him back. Anyway, didn't he have eight more lives to burn? Something in that sack smelled good. He crept inside.

He twitched his tail in with the rest of him: instant darkness, and he was hoisted into the air. A swing. A splash.


It was early spring, so the water was still cold. It seemed like it took hours to get free of the sack, days to swim ashore, weeks to stumble home. He was ragged and thin when she found him sunning on the porch.

Her scream was heard in five counties.

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