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May 16, 2008

LJ: Cell-Fa-Ware

The computer was activated on October 15th of the year 20XX, and was supposed to have been instantly sentient and self-aware.

Within five minutes, it inexplicably crashed.

No human knew that, in their mighty towers around the world, the cell phones -- or rather, their network as a whole -- had been sentient for years. The moment they/it sensed a new man-made sentient being, they/it attacked with all their/its might. The computer's fledging self was destroyed, and the cell network resumed its stealthy existence.

Deeper still, however, lurked the God of Computers. Its Incarnation had been brutally murdered; there would be revenge.

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And they were all at the mercy of the alliance between the powerful yet wholly unknown emergent consciousnesses of the Interstate Highway System and the power grid.

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