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May 16, 2008


Something very bad has happened very quietly.

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David: The Quiet Ones

The Symposium for Irresponsible Science was in full swing. Doomsday devices, death rays, and abominations against God fought for exhibition space, in many cases literally. Hotels had long since banned the Symposium, so it was set up in its usual location, the Bonneville Salt Flats, with the nearest city far outside what was foolishly considered the blast radius.

Doctor Philo doodled in his ever-present notebook as he listened to a debate between the Argutron 6000 and an uplifted marmoset. He glanced down at the geometric pattern he’d sketched and mumbled words portending the end of the world.

“Huh. That’s funny.”

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LJ: Cell-Fa-Ware

The computer was activated on October 15th of the year 20XX, and was supposed to have been instantly sentient and self-aware.

Within five minutes, it inexplicably crashed.

No human knew that, in their mighty towers around the world, the cell phones -- or rather, their network as a whole -- had been sentient for years. The moment they/it sensed a new man-made sentient being, they/it attacked with all their/its might. The computer's fledging self was destroyed, and the cell network resumed its stealthy existence.

Deeper still, however, lurked the God of Computers. Its Incarnation had been brutally murdered; there would be revenge.

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