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April 22, 2008


Hilarity ensues.

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Harry pushed the power button and tossed the television remote on the couch.

"What now?" Angela asked from the kitchen.

"All this reality TV crap. Nothing but jerks and sex freaks crying, cussing, and eating elephant balls. Who the hell cares who the next top model is? I don't give a damn about football players who can tango. Geez!"

He went to the kitchen doorjamb and watched Angela mop the floor.

"Whatever happened to shows where identities were mistaken and hilarity ensued? Whatever happened to spit takes and prat falls?"

He took one step and landed on his back

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Sam takes an egg and cracks it against his head. The yolk runs down his cheek and onto his sneakers. Friends on the party sofa nearby, high on pills, laugh on.

That's what happens to baaaad eggs, Sam says to them. See you all on the ground.

Sam races through the living room until he's outside on the balcony. He leaps, falling a story and a half down. Unknowingly he sprains an ankle. On the ground he spreads himself out angel-like.

Not wanting to be outdone this time, one friend follows suit shortly thereafter. He doesn't fare quite as well.

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HILARITY ENSUES (Goldfarb cont'):

Goldfarb was released from the hospital with the best wishes of the staff.

His near fatal attack of lightning had reduced him to a quivering mass of protein.

Prior to the incident his well honed muscles had carried him to multiple victories.

Now he could walk only with the aid of crutches.

He had even won, with a little help from the mob, a bronze, a silver, and a gold medal.

All in the final race of the World Championship.

Reaching the revolving door his left crutch catches and Goldfarb falls.

The door drags him around and around and around.

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JerryD, I'm really enjoying Goldfarb. :)

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