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April 25, 2008


What are your plans for the weekend, in the year 2156.

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Now, what to do with my time? I guess I could go to the old shopping centre; you know the one, they had to evacuate everyone because the sea levels rose too much. It’s an aquarium now, but it still has the old signs for John Lewis and Marks and Spencers.

I could go to the park; well, it’s hardly a park any more. The trees are gone and the lake is much bigger, all thanks to those fools back at the start of 2000.

Maybe I’ll just go to mum’s house, the one at the end of the street.

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"Outide Admittance"

The line to the Authorization office extended outside and snaked around the heliopad. Genry stood near the front with two shirtless boys needing O.A. badges to the "Last Exit to Brooklyn" show the following night.

After Gentry was admitted, fingerprinted, and tested for substances, he was led to a cubicle and laid down on a gurney.

He was then blindfolded by an official and began to sweat.

"Come here often?" asked the official, grinning.

"5th experience," Gentry responded.

"Why you kids do this to yourselves is behind me."

Before Gentry could reply, the drill had already pierced his cheek.

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Goldfarb squints into the blackness of the void, his crutches grasped tightly to his sides.

The feeling of rapidly descending through space engulfs him.

After long ages a pinpoint of light seemed to glow before Goldfarb's squinting eyes.

Hundreds of blinks later the pinpoint has grown until it fills his vision.

Blinded by a brilliant white light Goldfarb crashes onto the lawn, bouncing and rolling.

Coming to a stop, his back pressing firmly to the ground, Goldfarb gazes up into the sky.

There, numerous round flying craft greet him as the old man in a sheet crashes onto his chest.

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Since America's return to simpler times, my life is full each day. It's full of the simple pleasures: work, family, and the world's natural beauty. I'll plant my family's garden tomorrow on what my great-gradparents once faithfully watered and manicured. In those days, green space was in great abundance. Now, we must use almost every inch of green to feed our families.

The sprawling farms of yesteryear are long gone, replaced by people who fled the cities after the Contamination Crisis.

I sometimes wonder what the so-called "festive years" of my great-grandparents day were like. Oh, that pace. How did they do it? I can't imagine my life without fresh air, fresh food, and fresh water.

It was a blessing and a curse--the contamination. Many died, but those who survived finally got it. We are here today as living proof.

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"You're heading back to the early 21st century again?"

"Yeah, I get a kick out of a time when people ignored history and viewed practically everything as a crisis. They hadn't yet learned that the events of a few decades really don't mean much in the big picture."

"So have you ever considered pulling up stakes and going there full-time?"

"Lord no! It's one thing to visit, but I'd never want to live there."

"Hey, maybe I'll tag along with you. I need a few laughs and I really need to get out of this bitter cold for a weekend."

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