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April 28, 2008


It's suddenly hard to breathe.

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David: Coda For A Villain

I suspected the boulder on my chest had something to do with it. My new situation would take some getting used to, I thought, not intending the double meaning but smiling when I recognized it.

He thought he’d won. He thought he’d trapped me forever, with his arrogance and explosives. But I’d recently developed new perspective on “forever,” at about the time his daughter planted a bullet in my cranium.

“Forever,” ha! It might only take a few hundred years to grind these stones away against one another. Worst case, erosion would do the job, give or take a millennium.

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LJ: Lust at First Sight


There were no other words. She was, quite simply, the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. But then, I'd always had a thing for athletic woman who pulled their hair back in a ponytail. Athletic women with a rack to die for were a plus. Add to this the fact that her top was utterly skin tight and her shorts stopped almost above her crotch... she quite simply took my breath away, even without the heavy hiking boots.

My friend sat on the floor beside me and picked up the game controller. "You've really never played Tomb Raider before?"

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