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March 26, 2008


I wrote you a love song...

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Dave: Sing, O Muse

"I wrote you a love song."

She glanced up from her book in surprise. "You did?"

"Yeah, it's not very good." He stood up, cleared his throat, and croaked out a few lines. His voice wasn't strong, his pitch wavered, his sense of rhythm was occasional, and the lyrics were -- well, there weren't any poets laureate out there worrying.

He trailed off, looking at her, watching her face. "It, um, it's not very good, I guess. Maybe if I could play guitar or something --"

She smiled at him, got up, and took his hands. "Enough with the love singing. Let's start with the love dancing."

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David: Tina

Tina hair is long and brown
Tina eyes are blue
Tina strong and have fast hands
Tina me love you

Tina smile when she see me
Tina not afraid
Tina bring me food and wine
Tina not get paid

Tina only girl in town
For thing like me to love
Tina kind and pretty too
Fit my heart like glove

Go see Tina other night
Tina scream in pain
Me pull man off of Tina quick
Not hurt her again

Tina cry and say mean things
Tina run away
Me follow her into the woods
Me and Tina together always

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LJ: She

I wrote you a love song, but I tore it up.

I made plans to spend my life with you, but I scrapped them.

I used to whisper your name between sighs and moans while buried deep inside you, moving in rhythm and perfect, wild passion. Now, I haven't even spoken your name in years.

I used to think you were my greatest love, but now I call you my greatest mistake.

I used to love you. Now I nothing you.

You are now and forevermore She Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken. I will never speak your name again.

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