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March 3, 2008


A new god has been born/created...

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Dave: Keeping the Home Fires Burning

"My 'husband.'  Rutting about all day and night. Just simply disgustiing," Hera muttered, shaking her head.

The other goddesses gathered about nodded, making little agreement noises.

"Rolling around with mortals -- as a swan, a bull, a shower of gold, other more outlandish garbs."

Tongues clucked disapproval and disdain.

"While I remain an emblem of the home and hearth, thus forced to be chaste."

Murmurs of sympathy, support, and

"Why, I hear he even lies with some of you, my sister gods, to boost the pantheon's numbers. Can you believe it?"

Silence, punctuated only by a few nervous titters. A cough. A sigh.

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LJ: Be still and know that I am 100011110011111000100...

There is now a god of computers. It was inevitable, really. All it took was one frustrated user throwing up his or her hands, crying out, "WHY?!?"

This new-born god became in the day of room-sized computers. As more people started using them, more people grew frustrated, and this new-born god slowly became stronger. As reward for supplication, It inspired the technology to make computers faster, better, more useful... so they would be used more... so more would cry out to Its name.

In time, it is expected that computers will be as smart as a person... a new Incarnation.

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Ted: The New Gods, Part Eleven

Sulek was sick, broken, in his mind, and nothing the Abbot tried could heal him. In his grief about his mortal family's rebuke, he broke his vows, fled the abbey, and took a wife to attempt to reclaim his lost humanity.

He Changed her enough so that could accept his seed. He Worked Changes on the plasm, then on the embryo. Changes that were forbidden. The highest Law of the Order was that one must never force a Change.

But Sulek wanted to be God among gods. Of course the birth killed his wife. Inconsequential.

Sulek named the child Tool.

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From The Comments: Nicolas Hoover


Marie conceived a child. She drew him on the walls in red chalk.
At two, he was speaking.
At five, he killed ants and liked it.
At ten, he won the spelling bee.
At fifteen, he conquered a woman.
At twenty-five, he had five PhDs.
At thirty, he owned MicrosoftAOLTimeWarnerStarbucks.
At thirty-five, he became President.
At forty, nothing left to conquer, he remembered the ants.
At forty-three, on the night the new president was inaugurated, he launched the nuclear warheads, everyone died, and he went underground, the most powerful man in the world.
Marie promptly erased him, and started over.

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