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March 3, 2008

Dave: Keeping the Home Fires Burning

"My 'husband.'  Rutting about all day and night. Just simply disgustiing," Hera muttered, shaking her head.

The other goddesses gathered about nodded, making little agreement noises.

"Rolling around with mortals -- as a swan, a bull, a shower of gold, other more outlandish garbs."

Tongues clucked disapproval and disdain.

"While I remain an emblem of the home and hearth, thus forced to be chaste."

Murmurs of sympathy, support, and

"Why, I hear he even lies with some of you, my sister gods, to boost the pantheon's numbers. Can you believe it?"

Silence, punctuated only by a few nervous titters. A cough. A sigh.

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