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February 12, 2008


The geometry challenge... you must include a regular polygon.

For bonus points, make it a polyhedron instead.

For amazing super bonus points... make it a polychoron -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polychoron.

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Jeff R.: Poly

John loved Sue, but Sue dug Pete,
While Pete obsessed on Claire:
Triangles weren't near enough;
They fashioned a love square.

With rampant sublimated lust
And longing in their scene,
They concentrated on their jobs,
Building a time machine.

Into the future they voyaged
And found that things had changed:
Now Sue liked John, but he'd moved on
The order re-arranged.

Some with their past, or future selves
Or friends became delighted.
Still never was a couple formed
Where both sides were requited.

With all this temporalic strain,
The timeline became cracked,
And alternate dimensions formed
The first love tessaract.

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LJ: Let's see YOU make a nullitope joke!

I work for Tesseract Industries, and I call it my cubical prison. Every day, I sit in a cube farm, in what I like to call my little cell. On top of that, I'm not well-liked. My co-workers practically line up to tell me I'm on edge, which is ridiculous. (Personally, I think everyone at Tesseract is a little hyper.)

You know, there comes a point where you realize you have no dimension to your life, and you have to move on.

Ironically, the higher-ups wanted me to be the face of Tesseract, but I could never be that square.

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From the Comments - By Spike

Strange Geometries

Lee was an origami nut. Nothing was safe–not my art papers, not the newspaper, not post-it notes. A thousand cranes was a warm-up project, in his opinion.

He was always working to find a more complex tangle of papers that still yielded a recognizable figure.

One day last spring, I found him folding atop a ladder. A scintillating ball of folded pointed papers stood in the living room, nearly to the ceiling. “I’ve almost made it!” he crowed. “A Schlafli-Hess polychoron!”

“You’ve made--a what?”

“A four-dimensional figure, based on the pentagon! Just one more fold . . .”

And with that, Lee vanished.

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