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February 11, 2008


Are you going to finish that?

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Sealyon: Sure You Won't Have Some?

His thoughts get smaller every day, distilled to only the essential:


He no longer knows why he follows the blonde woman: he can't even form the concept of "blonde woman," no longer understands the line between death, life, and undeath. He is almost nothing more than base instinct. Meat is meat.

So hungry.

The blonde woman leaves a trail of meat, mostly others like him, but sometimes there are freshly dead delicacies, their blood still warm and pulsing.

Gun shots. Another body. He falls on it. Somewhere in his limited consciousness, he vaguely wonders why she never joins him.

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Michele: Dishing It Out

"Are you going to finish that?"


"You enjoy toying with them?"

"I take what little pleasures i can get here."

"I like to make the quick kill and get back to the office."

"Not me. I figure if the guy deserves it, I might as well go full tilt."

"I’d rather work in Good Karma."

"No reward for me there. Making people smile may give you the warm fuzzies, but it's meting out pain and discomfort that gets me off. I was cut out for this, man."

"What did you do before death?"

"I was a debt collector."


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Ted: 2009

He pulled the cartridge out of its pouch.

Depleted uranium was a dull gray on that cloudy gray morning.

His friend from 2109 smiled and nodded his approval. "Go ahead," he seemed to say. As always, he couldn't hear any sound from his friend, he could only try to interpret his friend's wishes.

He chambered the slug. It had taken him almost a year to hand make the titanium shell casings and high explosive chemicals for his homemade ammo. Five hundred and thirty seven rounds.

"Once you start, you have to be ready to finish." He remembered hearing that somewhere.

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LJ: Since you asked...

We'd been dancing around the matter for five years. Well, at least I had. It was, of course, awkward, since I was married to her sister. But then she needed a ride home from a family thing, and I volunteered.

While I drove her home, we talked about many things. It was strange -- we saw each other almost constantly, but this was the first time in years we'd actually had a conversation.

We pulled into her parking lot, but we didn't get out of the car just yet. We just sat there a moment, and then...

Actually, no, I'm not.

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