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February 7, 2008


"I could have sworn I did that already..."

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Michele: The Walk

"I think I've done this before"
"You have."
"Two years ago. April 24th. It was about midnight when I met you. We walked up the tunnel and got all the way to the top before you were called back."
"I thought this all seemed familiar. The light, The echoing of my footsteps..."
"But not mine."
"Not yours."

They walked a bit further. Something soft and made of light flew in front of them.

"That light....this is exactly the same."
"Not exactly, son."

A door he never saw opened in front of them and they walked into the light.

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Ted: Spool Up

She awoke in a panic, the stress on her body more than any woman should ever have to endure. She wondered why she felt so heavy. She wondered what alarm was she hearing.

She awoke again to silence, this time weightless. She remembered trying to punch the button, trying to make the noise stop.

She remembered now, she had to get the supplies to Ganymede. Women pilots ... higher G-forces. The plague...

The torch spooled up, and she blacked out.

She awoke in free fall, blind. She and the computer coupled her ship at the ring.

She never woke up again.

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LJ: Finally Seeing My Shadow

My days tend to be pretty similar to each other. I smack the snooze button 5 or 6 times, then stumble into the shower. Once I'm clean, I get dressed, then feed myself and the cats. Then I go to work, come home and take a nap with my wife for a few hours. Then we have lunch, and she goes to work. I hang around the apartment playing computer games until it's time for me to feed the cats again, then go to bed.

It's all so routine, I only just noticed it's been February 2nd for two weeks.

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