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February 6, 2008


Run for cover!

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Dave: On the Way to a Mystery

Roger saw the windshield shatter before the sound of the gunshot reached them. He highly respected his wife's speed, but his reflexes were honed in the war, his reaction was nearly without thought. "Cover!" he shouted, tackling Chrys down to the gravelly dirt of the road, behind the car.

"Ow," glared Chrys. 

"Blame them for getting your dress dirty, not me," Roger said. Another window shattered, followed by another crack. "Sniper rifle, big caliber," he commented, head cocked. "Not US Army. Not Krauts, either." 

"Why," asked Chrys, "would ghosts use guns?"

"Better yet, how are we going avoid becoming ghosts ourselves?"

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Ted: Cover Fire

Convicted Soldier Private Jeffery Phelps did not like his new duty station. They told him he would have the chance to make up for his crimes if he agreed to this assignment. They told him that the rejuv process was painless, just like waking up from a deep sleep. They told him he would be cured and returned to polite company by the time he was finished.

He was learning that they were lying mutherfuckers.

He pondered these things while he crawled for cover as the Slin marksman was trying to send him back into the tank.

Lying. Mother. Fuckers.

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