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January 25, 2008


The good news is, you have one day to live.

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Ted: Rotating Out

Col. Davis took the time to listen to Brandi's last log.

"Listen up Davis, you are ready to command this band of fools. You know the land, the men, and the enemy. I have been running things here for sixteen years and have seen some very bad men turned into very good soldiers. You have been the star of that mob. Soldiering is in your genes, that's why you couldn't make it on the outside: why you kept getting into trouble.

"Yes, I know your record. Your debt to society must be paid. My own debt settles up tomorrow. Finally."

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Dave: Civilized Behavior

Now, then, welcome to Penal MedPlex 47.  I'm Doctor Trine, your treatment director, pursuant to capital court decision.

We'll be starting with some live cultures.  Military pays us a good price for testing, as do certain pharma and bodymod firms.  Those are fast-acting, which frees you up ... oh, around 1 a.m. for the interrogation instruction.  It's always good for security trainees to learn how much they can push a body before it breaks.  And minds, for that matter.

Ah, now, no tears.  We're allowed just twenty-four hours before your execution.  The good news is, you only have one day to live,

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