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January 28, 2008


Today's theme is where's the redhead?

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David: Gumshoe

It’s a talent I have, finding things trying to stay lost. It pays the bills.

I started with those Waldo books. Frankly, I never saw the appeal. I mean, the guy stood out like a sore thumb everywhere he went; where’s the challenge?

Next, I hunted down Carmen Sandiego in those computer games. Again, as long as I was up on my history, math and science, I generally had her pinned down before the theme music ended.

This one was tricky. All the man knew was that she was a natural redhead, and she stole his heart. And his kidneys.

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Ted: Sometimes the Evil comes to You

The dead girl lay cold on the slab. Her daddy turned to me and asked the one question I didn't expect to hear.

"Where is her light? Her hair shone with a red light but it's gone now. You find her light, Mr. Duvalier, and I will reward you."

Now, I ain't never had no truck with witches and the like, but that man had powerful eyes.

"Will you do it, Sampson? Will you help my baby girl find peace?"

I knew I shouldn'a said yes, but I kept seeing that girl with bright red hair falling out that door.

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Dave: On His Majesty's Secret Service

Her mission was near complete.  She'd managed to get to the little town in time for the pirate raid, allowing herself to be captured.  Now she was queued for the auction block, their eyes hot upon her, though only one pair interested her.  She'd been well briefed on what he liked -- her make-up, her auburn-dyed locks, her dress ... she knew he'd outbid them all for her.

She fingered the knife in her sleeve.   When she brought his head back to London, they'd pay her a pretty penny.

"We wants the red head!" She smiled as they chanted.  "We wants the red head! ..."

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