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January 16, 2008


Today's theme is "missing in action."

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Sealyon: What If

After I got the letter, I folded it, put it in a drawer, and tried to forget. I didn’t even tell Mom and Pop for three weeks. I had a new baby, no job, and now… I couldn’t think about what might be happening to him, let alone contemplate his death.

After six months, the baby and I moved home. The war ended; no news. Even our congressman got nowhere. I met Charles three years after the letter came. He’s good to us, but it’s not the same.

* * *

One thing about the jungle: your feet never dry.

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Ted: Twenty-eight Day Countdown

Oh man o man o man this is better than I ever thought it could be. Holy shit. Oh shit. Fuck fuck fuck

"Brad, are you ok?"

"Yeah, Suzie. I'm fine. Wow. That was great."

awkward silence

"Brad, I don't think we did it right. I didn't, you know, get off."

"Really? Uh. You want me to try again? I promise this time will be better."

"Do you have, you know, another?"

"I didn't really expect I'd use the one I had."

"Oh shit. Brad, you are wearing it, right?"

"Of course."

"Then what is that running down my ass?"

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From the Comments - By Spike

Missing In Action . . .

We were four hundred when we set out, uniforms crisp, guns shiny. Ready for anything. Now, after heavy action on beaches, in jungles, in snow, there are only five brave men left in our company. Kirkowski, Brown, Jones, Smith, and me.

After a pitched battle against the Axis of Evil, we return to camp victorious. We never rest, we never die, we go to Hell and regroup. Back at bivouac, in the big empty mess hall, I look around . . . where’s Kirkowski?

Lost on the barbeque grill? We hold a moment of silence for our melted comrade, our plastic hearts breaking.

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