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January 9, 2008


I'm getting really tired of this...

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David: Small Victories

Sisyphus lost his grip and sighed helplessly as the boulder rolled back down the hill. With a theatrical groan, he hung his head and started ambling down after it.

The first millennium had been pretty bad. He’d almost gone mad with frustration and a sense of futility more than once. Then, suddenly, he made his peace with his eternal task.

Sure, he was doomed to pointless, unending physical labor. But his mind was still his own. He counted steps and set goals for himself. He had fantasies no one could steal.

And during those trips back downhill, he was free.

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Ted: Send in the Understudy

The Prelude began. The star looked at his nude body in his dressing room mirror. Tonight marked the twenty-five-thousandth showing. As such, tri-vid floaters were bouncing over the heads of the crowd, the orchestra was wearing new tuxedos, and even his leading lady had a new facialplas design. This was the single longest continually running show in history.

He focused on his own costume, still in a heap where he had thrown it. He couldn't understand why he had ever agreed to put it on in the first place and couldn't stand the idea of putting it on again tonight.

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