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December 11, 2007


Whom can you trust?

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She kept walking and he kept walking behind her. She told herself that he must live down the same block, that he could have business to transact. But what business other than something criminal would be conducted at such an hour?

She crossed the street and he crossed. She walked faster and he walked faster, their fleeting steps echoing down the labyrinthine streets. Trusting instincts, she dashed into an all-night diner. He kept walking without casting a glance at her.

"You okay lady?" a customer asked.

"Fine now, thanks."

Days later, a dead girl lay in the diner's dumpster.

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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel’s parents bowled on Friday nights. Needing a sitter, they often called upon Auntie who lived in the candy house down the road. If the children were unlucky, Uncle would come home from work early. While Auntie dozed in her bedroom, Uncle liked to chase Gretel, the older of the two children, around the kitchen table until she got tired. Upon catching her, Uncle would strap Gretel to a chair, and then go off to search for Hansel, who tried his best not to leave a trail but often did. Uncle liked little boys more than little girls.

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The Brothers Grimm could take lessons...

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