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November 13, 2007


Today's theme is blasphemy.

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First, stones into bread, then jumping off the temple roof. He even offered the world.

Then the Accuser said, "You know they're going to kill you. It's a very noble thing to die for the sins of the world, but it won't really gain you anything. They'll twist your words into a message of hate. They'll kill each other over the meaning of a single phrase, completely overlooking the underlying truth. They'll beat people to death for disagreeing with them. They'll use you to justify genocide. Is that really want you want?"

It almost convinced him to walk away.

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Here's how it was.

Joey was up in front of the altar, holding the big crucifix. Jesus on a Stick we used to call it. I was holding the incense censer, eyes watering, trying not to cough as the smoke billowed around me.

Then it happened. I coughed, loudly, and felt something pass my lips. I watched in horror as a giant loogie smacked Jesus in the face. The priest paused for a second, while Joey nearly exploded with laughter.

I was never asked to be an altar boy again. Joey tells me it was because I was a blas-phlegm-er.

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He was surgeon. A healer. His hands were the fountain through which his gift sprung through.

At night, he covered them in moisturizer and wore cotton gloves to bed. He was always careful with them and would even nod instead of accepting handshake greetings.

Understandably, when a white-tailed spider bite caused an ulceration on the back of his left hand, Dr. Hendra considered it quite blasphemous and became obsessed with killing anything eight legged.

It was this obsession that led to an early death for the good doctor. Death by hanging they declared. Peter Parker and Otto Octavius knew better.

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