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November 13, 2007


Today's theme is blasphemy.

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Ted: Golden Moment

Jamie looked through the portside window and gasped.

"Mommy, there's an angel on the wing!"

"Don't you dare talk like that, young man! I will not tolerate lies. Don't call me 'Mommy' either. You know as well as I that your mother is dead. You may call me 'Step-mother' until such time as you graduate from college or head out on your own; whereupon you may call me Celia. Understood, Jamie?"

Seven year old Jamie sulked for a moment before mumbling his response. "Sorry, Step-mother."

The angel gave Celia the finger and crashed the plane, taking Jamie home to Mommy.

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Jim: Norse By Norsewest

Theft, rape and murder meant little to the Ostengaard Vikings. After all, that was how they made a living. Yet breathe even the slightest blasphemy about the Gods of Valhalla and you would be staked next to the fjord at low tide, to slowly drown when the waters rolled back in.

The lisping Olaf the Pink was well known for being a little…different. So it came as no surprise when he was staked out for Ostengaard’s one true sin.

“Wait!” he screamed to his executioners. “I jutht thpent the day thkiing! That’th why I thaid I wath a little Thor!”

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