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November 22, 2007


Your characters find a suitcase full of cash.

Oh, and your characters must come from a television show that aired anytime during the 1970s.

(Betcha thought the theme was going to be Thanksgivingish, huh?)

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From The Comments - By Rick

"Jeez Eadit!" Archie whined. "Do ya have ta touch everyting?! You don't know where it's bin!"

"You mean, like in the hands of a homosexual or black person?" Michael said sarcastically.

"No Meathead, it mighta belonged to one of yer off-colored mawfia guys."

"Daddy, you shouldn't talk that way in public."

"Listen little goil, what yer Pollack husband doesn't realize is that Godfearin' Americans who fought for dis country, work hard and pay their taxes wouldn't be carrying money in a suitcase. They'd keep it where it belongs, under da mattress."

"All you got there Awwchie, are those magazines..."


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