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November 23, 2007


Why do I keep getting stuck with the holidays?

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Jim: A Hallmark Moment

“This Christmas,
May the presence of kin
Bring you tons of good cheer
And presents of sin
With a lot of cold beer.”

Young Murray looked up from the greeting card and expectantly at his boss.

“Hmmm,” said Snyder. “It’s not really… er… what’s the word?”

“Festive?” offered Murray.

Snyder pondered. “No. The word I’m looking for is ‘good’. It’s not really any good, Murray.”

“That’s not fair,” Murray whined. “Every Christmas poem I can think of has already been written.”

“This is a hard business,” scowled Snyder. “Give me three original poems, though, and I’ll promote you to Get-Well-Soons.”

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From The Comments - By Rick

“Ya in tomarra?” the old man at the counter asked.

“No Bennie, day off!” she sang as she poured his coffee.

Tomorrow was Christmas, her first non-working one in four years. She planned a big sleep-in followed by a walk through Westin Park to admire the ice sculptures.

As she prepared Bennie’s breakfast, her manager walked over. “Listen, Julie can’t work in the morning, I need you to come in.”

He walked away as she slid Bennie his poached egg.

“Ya in tomarra?” the old man repeated.

Hiding her tears she smiled, “Yep, it wouldn’t be Christmas without you Bennie.”

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