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November 21, 2007


Something big is about to happen, but history will not get the story right...

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Ted: Collusion at Lake Chinqutiki

All the city fathers agreed, for the first time since the founding of the tiny hamlet, that things simply couldn't be allowed to continue in such a fashion. They wired the county seat, then the State House, but no help came.

Able Simpson was the first to suggest going into the gypsy camp themselves.

So, after the rapes and murders, folks were plain depressed, even though there was no danger of starving any more.

Ava, Able's wife, came up with the idea of a town picnic to celebrate Spring's arrival.

A hundred years later, folks just come for the pies.

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Jim: It Was All Those Horns. Yeah, That's The Ticket!

“How dare you ask for overtime pay?” bellowed Paebel, the Public Works Director. “Maintaining the city wall is your part of the war effort. Be glad that I pay you anything at all”

Yassib the Canaanite nodded glumly. “That’s what I told Donatiya,” he replied. “But she says we need more money. Our idols are getting old.”

“And you asked just because your wife told you to? Get out, Yassib. You’re fired!”

Later that afternoon, a drunken Yassib pounded out the wall’s primary keystone. Then, amid the constant blaring of enemy Israelite trumpets, he trudged to his small Jericho home.

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