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November 20, 2007


You just stepped from 2007 into 1894.

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Jim: Taking The Long Way Back

The physics are undeniable, I think while adjusting the dials on my time machine. This machine will carry me back to this precise location in 1894 and the pounds of gold I carry will buy me a lot of fledgling Coca-Cola company stock.

So when I return to 2007, I’ll be fabulously rich!

At the last moment, I see an enormous shooting star: a good omen.

Then I’m gasping for breath, my blood boiling in the vacuum of space. Dying, I realize that Earth won’t be at this spot for another 113 years.

And that the shooting star was me.

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Michele: A Little Change

“2007, eh? So tell me, is my place still there? Can I die proud of my grandchildren?”

Rick looked up at the sign and back at the old man. McCormick and Sons Grocery burned down in the 50’s. The owner was charged with arson. When Rick found the time warp this morning, the place was simply called Adult Video and Accessories.

“Yea. The grocery store is still there,” he lied.

The man smiled. “This changes things.”

Rick shrugged. When he got back to 2007, the porn store was gone. McCormick’s Grocery Emporium was there.

Win some, lose some, he thought.

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From The Comments - By Rick

It took me a couple of hours but I managed to find appropriate clothing outside a small farmhouse.

As I buttoned up the trousers, I looked around at the simplicity of my situation: a lopsided wooden swing, a neat pile of firewood and a tired looking water pump.

After discarding my modern threads, the only physical memory I had of 2007 was what I held in my hand when I was “taken” outside the pharmacy: an empty box of Viagra.

I looked at the small town on the horizon and sighed. Surely women of this century had more realistic expectations.

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