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November 19, 2007


Today's theme is a costume party.

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Ted: 9 P.M., The Unveiling

She watched the monitors from inside her grotto. The image was slightly wavy and the color was not quite right. She made a note to have the R&D guys to work on eyeball lens modifications before the next event. It just wouldn't do to have this bodymod ruined by imperfect vision; the military grant that paid for her research wouldn't allow it.

The Navy didn't know that she had modded herself of course.

She saw her guests assemble at the pool and heard her cue through the underwater speakers.

"Masquerade Guests! Your Hostess welcomes you and invites you to Swim!"

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Jim: So You Say You Want A Revolution?

“I would guess,” the man pondered, “that you are Gabrielle Artois, Countess du Châtillon.”

“Oh, what a wonderful guess!” the Countess squealed, pulling off her mask without disturbing the bird cage cleverly woven into her wig. “And you are, of course, the Baron du Bourgogne.”

“Most excellent,” the Baron smiled, lowering his own handled mask. “These imperial costume balls are quite entertaining. Do you not think so, Milady?”

“Oh, yes!” the Countess agreed. “And I especially enjoyed when all of those men pretending to be peasants carried away the queen. What do you suppose they meant by ‘Eat cake, indeed’?”

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Michele: I Wish

The party’s theme was “I Wish I…” Alexis dressed as a stripper, saying she wished to be less inhibitive. Andre was decked out in orange, wishing he was back in Florida.

Mave Gustavason walked in drunk, swinging an opened handcuff around. “I wish to be free from my constraints!” We all knew what she meant. Heads turned awkwardly toward her husband, standing behind her.

“James, you’re not wearing a costume!”
“But I am,” James looked at Mave. “I wish I could give my wife everything she wanted.”

With that, James pulled a gun out of his pants, smiled and fired.

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From the Comments - By LJ

We found each other from across the crowded room. No one else got it; we were two people in street clothes with white, unadorned masks. But I knew all about the desire to dress up as nobody, to make my face match my psyche. Clearly, so did she.

We found a private place and ran our hands over each other's naked bodies, never quite touching, leaving the masks in place and never speaking a word. It was the single most sensual experience I've ever had.

I never found out her name. This way, every woman I see could be her.

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