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November 15, 2007


You probably shouldn't be alone right now.

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Michele: Alone in the Dark

It's dark in here, and cold. Snow comes in through the broken window and gets in my face and freezes my eyelashes. I can't get out of its way because my legs are hurt and I don’t think I can move. I hear things scurrying across the floor but I can't see them. Sometimes the moon moves out of the clouds and I see shadows of what's with me and it scares me. They smell blood and the exposed meat on my bones. They’re hungry. I am alone.

Where did you go?

And why did you leave me like this?

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David: Oh, Yeah or We've All Been There


They try to make it sound like no big deal. The drugs get better every year. If you stick to the program, the odds are about even that you won’t get any major complications until far enough in the future that you can pretend it’s never.

None of that matters in the face of that one word. Whatever I do, I can never make this better. What’s the point? Why put myself through it? Why not ignore it and let it kill me? Why not beat it to the punch?

I hear my kids fighting in the other room.

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Jim: That'll Be $200

“Mister Smith! I’m glad you could make it in to see me on such short notice.

“What? Oh, yes. The reason you’re here is because I didn’t think you should be alone when we discussed this.

“Yes, yes. After, what is it? Eighty-four sessions? We’ve certainly spent a lot of time talking about your desire to be accepted. I know all about the social blunders and ruined relationships brought on by this driving need of yours. And you’ve ignored all of my advice.

“That’s why I’m recommending that you find yourself another analyst.

“Oh, and Mister Smith? Stop calling me.”

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