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November 14, 2007


One word topic: Slime

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Ted: Speak Well of the Dead

Dr. Janet Oglethorpe was amazed by the heart. It seemed fresh and clean, like that of an athlete. Not what she expected from the body. The other organs were putrefied, a slimy soup in his thorax. Even his brain had liquefied and run out through his ears and nose.

Witnesses confirmed the guy was alive four hours ago, walking through the lobby of the Hotel Grandee. The front desk said he was checked in to room 742. He was found by the maid in the whirlpool tub.

When the heart started beating in the autopsy bowl, Dr. Janet Oglethorpe screamed.

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From the Comments - By John Sheirer

Slime Ball

They met by chance at the laundry-mat. She was a graduate student in human services at the university, preparing for a career in social work. She just wanted to help people. She really was that kind of person.

He ran the fryer at the local fast-food joint, a promotion from cleaning up spilled kid's meals and mopping the slimy restrooms. He told her he was a physician's assistant who volunteered as a Big Brother and served turkey at the city homeless shelter on holidays.

By the time she suggested exchanging phone numbers, he was already thinking about exchanging bodily fluids.

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