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November 6, 2007


Today's theme is blind.

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Ted: Destiny

Blind Death was not a man, although he walked in a man's shape. He was created by one of the old gods as a tool, but that old god had long since faded into the aether. Blind Death was cold forged from the center of a dead white dwarf, the most dense substance imaginable.

Blind Death stalked the eight hundred worlds: mission-less and master-less.

Her daughters saw glimpses while they stood sentry, always in the shadows, always at the corners. Never in full day.

She caught him one night, while he slept. She had need of one such as him.

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Michele: Blind Loyalty

Sara screamed in pain as the bleach burned her eyes. Her attacker had fled, and she ran blindly through the woods, bare feet scraping over rocks and splintered wood.


Her husband! He was alive!

“Follow my voice, Sara!”

She walked slowly toward Michael. Everything was black. She was in pain and darkness. “Come on Sara…..into my arms….”

She staggered a few more feet, Michael’s voice stronger with each step. “That’s it, baby…last step…” She lunged forward, and her foot met with air.

The last thing Sara heard as she plunged toward the sea was the laugh of her husband.

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From The Comments: No One of Consequence

Blind? Oh, yeah, they were right about that one. Haven't been able to see a damn thing for near on four years. Who knew? Well, someone did apparently.

So would I have done anything different? Hell, no! Gotta go for the gusto, live life to the fullest, seize the day, and all that other happy-crappy nonsense people like to spout. What the fuck is the point of living to a ripe old age if you didn't have some fun along the way? And, oh yes, did I ever have some fun.

Still, the hairy palms were a BIG fucking surprise.

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