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November 5, 2007


Today's theme is bubble bath.

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Jim: The Quarry

The tempest raged, blowing up clashing waves from all directions and frothing the decks of the mighty brig, Soul of Nantucket, with thick sea foam.

Sails strained against dangerously creaking masts, yet the ship kept its course through the harrowing seas. “Ye’ll not escape me this time,” swore the ship’s able captain, massive arms wrestling the helm. From under ponderous, white eyebrows, he squinted into the storm.

A cry rang out from the main crows nest. Men instantly grabbed wicked harpoons and leapt into their boats.

The captain saw his prey and grinned. Thar she was, the Great Yellow Duck!

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Ted: Tiny Bubbles

As we have known for centuries, our universe is mostly empty space with matter forming in bubbles around vacuum. It was only when some bright boy figured out how to penetrate the boundary between 'matter' and 'bubble' that humanity finally started to understand the way the universe worked.

Anti-gravity? Child's play. Cure for cancer? Outpatient therapy.

The most highly esteemed members of society, the physicists, mathematicians, and engineers, work making new discoveries and trying to solve some of mankind's oldest questions.

Of course, we allow them some ... quirks. Doctor Edsmudgilliam simply can't work unless he is in his bubble bath.

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Dave: Some Enchanted Evening

Some oil beads.  Lavender, I think.

Candles.  Some on the counter.  A few around the edges.  That big, fat, vanilla thing Susan got me last Christmas over by the mirror.

Floating in the water.  Yeah, right.  Not.

Okay, and some wine.  Red, or white?  Hmmm.  Hot bath, so a nice, sweet white.  Riesling.  Ice bucket there.  Glass on the edge here.  Another one over there.

Start running the water.  Piping hot.  And lots, and lots, and lots of bubbles.

Clothes off.

I wonder what he'll say when he gets home. 

I don't think he knows I have a copy of his key.

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