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October 11, 2007


What's that up in the sky?

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"What's that up in the sky?" Jimmy asked, clutching onto the hand he was holding. His father looked down at his little boy.
"Those are planes." He replied, looking back up at them circling the air.
"They are cool." Jimmy said his eyes peeled to the air being blown out from behind.
"That's where you will be, son, when you are older. When I was a kid, we didn't have those."
"Do I have to?" Jimmy whined. His father gave him a slap on the head.

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"…that is what they call the sky. It forms part of the atmosphere, which is made up of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen.”

"The sssk-eye. I like the way that sounds. Hey, what's that?"

“That is what they call the Sun. It is a star in the…"

"No, no, look to where I’m pointing. Those things floating over there."

"Oh, those are what they call clouds. There are four different types, Stratus, Altostratus, Cirrus and Cumulus.”

“That’s interesting, but you keep saying they call. Who are they?"

They are a race of beings called humans. They live below the clouds."

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His head pounded as he opened his eyes. He turned over and saw a blonde he didn't know.

"Who is this?" he thought. Then as his eyes adjusted, with just enough light breaking through the shades, he realized he didn't even know where he was.

He quietly got out of bed, and snuck around the room, gathering up items of clothing and quickly put them on, avoiding the used condoms strewn about the floor.

Quietly sneaking out of the strange woman's house, he was assaulted by the Sun. "God's flashlight", he thought, "But at least it was a good night."

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Emmahh, your submission wasn't 100 words. That's kind of the THING here. Try again tomorrow, with exactly 100 words, please.

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Sigh... not exactly feeling the love any more. *sniffle*

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Check before you post!