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October 10, 2007


Sometimes you feel like a nut...

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Ted: Susan, Once a Year


She lay there, sweat and oil glistening on her naked body. Her vacation to the islands was officially a success.

She had started the evening with no reservations or doubts, she wanted this. Morals were for Omaha, not the tropics.

Her coconut bra and grass skirt were on the floor where she had ripped them off earlier. Only for a moment did she consider putting them back on, then decided she wouldn't care if she went nude back to her bungalow, everyone had seen her naked already.

Still quivering from her last orgasm, she kissed the group and left.

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From the Comments - By Locust Eater

First Han needed to lose himself, to mentally walk away from the self he knew; he breathed deeply, visualizing his skin becoming lighter, more brown, his flesh hardening into a starchy mass, his limbs stiffening and merging into his body.

His awareness spread, no longer inhabiting, no longer capable of inhabiting his new body. Now he concentrated on his surroundings:

The monestary walls shimmered and dissappeared, blue sky peeked through green leaves above him, and below, a carpet of brown leaf mold spread from trunk to trunk.

With joy Han sensed sap trickling through his veins;
He had achieved nutvana.

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