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October 30, 2007


Some trick-or-treaters have shown up a day early.

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Sealyon: Trick, or...

May I help…oh, it’s not Halloween yet, now is it? But aren’t you cute, both of you! Did your mommy make your costumes? Yes? Well, they’re just darling! Oh, I mean scary, yes, quite scary. That’s why it took me so long to open the door -- I was terrified of your… fangs, yes, that’s what those are. And you, young miss, and your very sharp claws. Quite frightening! Of course you may have some candy, wait right there -- I haven’t opened the bags yet… ow! My, those claws are realistic! Oh! – and the fangs too, wait… oh! But, I hav…

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Michele: A Halloween Feast

At 7pm, a ghost and goblin show up on his doorstep. "Halloween’s tomorrow."

"Mom is going to the hospital tomorrow, so we’re doing it today.” The boy's voice is pleading, He feels sorry for the kids.

"Hang on, I'll get some candy." He wonders if there is an adult lurking in the shadows. Kids shouldn't be out alone in the dark.

He's fishing candy out of a Target bag when his door creaks. The goblin and ghost step inside, uninvited.

"Hey, gimme a sec..."

In five seconds they are on him, teeth digging into his fleshy neck, devouring his blood.

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David: Counterpoint

I am interrupted by the doorbell. I remove the gloves and head upstairs. Through the peephole, I see a witch and a pirate.

Dammit, they’re early. My preparations are incomplete. Still, I plaster on a smile and sweep the door open.

“Trick or treat!” they shout.

“Well, bless me! What frightful creatures have come visiting?”

A woman stood behind the little darlings. “I hope you don’t mind,” she apologized. “We’re leaving town tomorrow, but they insisted on making the rounds.”

“Never you mind, dearie,” I replied. “Let me go see what I can offer.” This year’s batch needed testing anyway.

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Ted: Decorating the Porch

The little old lady answered the door "Yes?"

"Trick or treat!" yelled the three little monsters.

"Oh dear, is it that time of year already? Come inside kiddies, while I try to find some goodies for you."

The biggest monster said, "That's okay, ma'am. Halloween isn't really until tomorrow. We were just joking ya. Besides, Momma says not to go into stranger's houses."

"Well! You kids should be ashamed, trying to fool an old woman like that! Abracadabra!"

The monsters shrank into dolls, and the little old lady had decorations.

"I'll have to remember to get candy for tomorrow night."

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