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October 24, 2007


Today's free association word of the day is ginormous.

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David: Huge-nificent

“Look at the size of that thing!”

“It’s ginormous!”

“It’s bigtacular!”

“It’s collawesome!”


“Yeah. You know. ‘Collosal’ plus ‘awesome.’ It’s a word.”

“That’s terrible. It sounds like the thing came out of someone’s butt.”

“Seriously. Plus, I don’t think that’s a proper mooshing. You’ve just tacked ‘coll’ on the front of ‘awesome.’”

“So? You just put ‘big’ in front of ‘tacular’.”

“’Big’ is a single syllable taking the place of ‘spec’. It’s a perfectly valid combination. Your ‘coll’ is just hanging off the front end.”

“I just wanted to participate.”

“Yeah, okay. Still, it’s a shame about the meteor.”

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Dave: Big

"That's ... big."

"That's very big."


She rolled her eyes.  "Whatever."  Her head cocked.  "But slow."

"Anything that big," he said in a pedantic tone, "will seem to move slowly from a distance.  Like jets.  Or clouds."

"But that looks like slow motion."

"Still probably moving at hundreds of miles an hour."

"Huh.  I guess."

It grew dark. 



"I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"For -- well, everything I should be sorry for.  You know."

"No worries."  A pause.  "Sure is big."

"And moving faster."

The foot trod upon them, and most of the city, with a sound like the end of the world.

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Ted: To answer your question, yes. It does.

I love that your ass is big... whoever you are. Big, black, jungle butt or ginormous trailer shelf ass, either one works for me, baby.

When you put on any pair of shorts or a bikini, or if you have to lay on your back just to close a zipper, it's gonna make your ass look big.

I'm fine with that. More than: actively seeking!

I love a girl with a totally grabable ass. A girl who has enough spread on her to support my weight, if you know what I mean.

But that muffin top has got to go.

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Michele: Poetry In Motion

“I want her.”
“That’s Delores. She’s married.”
“I don’t care. I want to bang her.”
“Like I said….”
“That never stopped me before.”
“Write me a poem.”
“You’re good with poetry shit. I’ll buy her a drink and send a poem with it.”
“Dude, she’s really married.”
“And I’m really horny.”
“Whatever.” He grabbed a napkin, scribbled some words on it and handed it to the bartender. They waited for Delores’s reaction.
“What did you write, anyhow?”
“I want to bang you hard, Delores.
You hair is like fire, your tits are ginormous.”

He smiled and walked out.

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