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October 23, 2007


Orwell was wrong, but only in degree...you are being monitored.

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Dave: Under Their Gaze

Roger couldn't shake the feeling he was under observation.  He looked at passers-by, but caught nobody watching him.  He tried all the usual tricks -- looking at reflections in windows, sudden doubling back, ducking through stores into alleys -- but he still couldn't spot anyone, or escape that sensation.

He leaned back against a building, gaze drifting.  He had an old cantrip from the war, but it was risky.  He'd see them, but they'd know they'd been seen.  No choice, though, and he muttered the nonsense nursery rhyme softly, then looked around.

Blink.  Blink-blink. Blink.

Roger cursed.  In this case, the walls did have eyes ...

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Ted: Susan, Noises Off

Susan lay on a table, cams in every corner of the room. Across the globe, ten thousand men waited for their $3.99 trial to begin.

Thirty thousand dollars for doing what she wanted to do anyway was a great deal, she thought.

She began by dropping the top of her robe, rolling over so the cams couldn't actually see her nipples. Then she rolled over to untie her belt, rolling over again on her belly, this time letting the cams see her perfect ass.

Then her head exploded in a geyser of blood.

None of her fans heard the shot.

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