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October 22, 2007


You are taking a big risk...

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David: 3D100

“My guys are all turtled up beside me, while I stand facing the horde. I make like I’m surrendering, but I’m really just dropping my helmet and shield to get rid of the armor check penalties. Then I kneel on the ground, acting defeated.”

“Xerxes sneers in victory.”

“At my signal, my top lieutenant jumps out of the phalanx and bisects the negotiator. In the ensuing melee, I pick my spear up and spend a round aiming.”

“Chaos erupts as the unsuspecting horde is surprised. Xerxes is flatfooted.”

“Called shot to his head with my spear.”

“Long range. Roll it.”

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Michele: Forward

Saturday. 11:45. I'm supposed to be on the road. It takes me forever to load the last of my belongings in the truck.

Noon. I take one last look at my apartment and I almost panic. Then I remember the way his hand feels in mine, his smell, how he feels next to me.

12:15. I hit the road and everything I have ever known fades behind me in my rear view mirror. I look back a couple of times and hesitate. I stop at the last light in my town, hang his picture on my visor and look forward.

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