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October 5, 2007


Your free association word of the day is dock.

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Jim: Drowning The Nightmare

“Where are we going?” Kara whispered to the young man leading her through half-finished tunnels.

“To the upper dock where my buggy’s parked,” he hissed back. “Then to a bar.”

“A bar? Slow down there, Tiger. I don’t even know your name.”

He stopped and looked at her. “Huh?” he asked. Then, grinning, “Oh. It’s Bradley. And yours is Kara.”

“I can’t go into a public place like a bar,” she said softly. “I’ll be recognized.”

“Naw,” Bradley shook palm-forward hands. “They won’t even know you’re there. Didn’t you know that the bad dream doesn’t touch you if you’re drunk?

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David: Odysseus

I sat on the dock, resting my bones, and looked out over the bay. In the distance, I could see the tide washing onto rocks worn smooth.

I was wasting time in this strange country where I didn’t speak the language. I’d been stranded a few years back, and my efforts to find my way free of this place had proven futile.

So, I sit here, watching the ships roll in, cursing the loneliness that won’t leave me alone.

My only solace is the faith that she’s out there, in her harbor town, wearing the silver locket I gave her.

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Ted: Boondocks

The pirouge putted up to rickety, fog shrouded dock in the glow of a sunrise yet to come. Mama Elzbet wern't 'specting nobody, but she didn't bother dressing. You come up on an old woman down here on her own patch, you best be ready for a sight or a fight. She grabbed her shotgun and pushed aside the alligator hide she used for a door.

"Ya'll got need of a fix-it man, ma'am?" asked the darkie at the tiller.

She looked round her shack, at the reefer she grew out back, then shot the man in the face.


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