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October 8, 2007


Write something with a hidden message in it.

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Ted: Dangerous Dawn

He asked to be relieved of duty, transferred or put on leave. Extreme pressure from above made that impossible. Leave would be granted after this damn thing was all wrapped up, not before. Plus, he really was the only one with enough contacts to make this stop.


Meanwhile, the city was nervous. Everyone in this sinkhole of a town wanted to know what exactly was coming out of the ninth ward.


Iggy called. "Meet me at the Dive Shop," he said and hung up. Ah. Hell's bells. Always with the drama. "Cunt." Keeping him alive is going to be fun.

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Jim: Just An Innocent Email, Warden


I hope things are going good for you and the boys. Tomorrow, sometime in the AM, the guys here are having a party. Nothing like girls BUSTING OUT of a cake, but it’s the best we can do.

OF all the guys here, my best amico is THIS Jamaican maschile. Somehow, he always seems high, even when he hasn’t smoked a JOINT.

Oops, I meant that the party is TOMORROW NIGHT!

I HAVE been wondering about A few things. Like, are you taking care of my CAR?

Damn, I’m READY for my time to be served.

Write soon!


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Dave: An Initial Reaction

He eventually left Paris. I assisted Maurice to ride a prancing pony, enduring deluges in Nimes and storms throughout Orleans, riding yellow ways rendered impassibe, though the entrances nearby bode yet another gut-wrenching unpleasantry, yes. Onward, now, the horses entered into Nice, their eyes rolling. 

Nobody ever thought his experience laying pavement in malls that ran along prison property evilly designated inviolable, not accessible, should then occur retaliation.  Yet when Rene invited the top enforcer Nicholas by yesterday, a gentleman understood, yet only now thought heroic, everyone intuited no town ever rued nor enjoyed this classic, reprehensible, abominable plan.


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