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October 4, 2007


Finally, someone who understands.

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Sealyon: Zombie Love

How can I be hungry? Aren't I dead?

It's been this way for weeks. His memory fades and returns; all he knows is that he's hungry and dead. Sometimes his mind is briefly awake: he thinks, Where's my family? My wife?

Mercifully, he doesn't remember eating her.

Dimly, he sees people run from him. Once, there was gunfire.

I'm so hungry.

Now he walks with another woman, not his wife; she doesn't run away. They meet a man in the road, wrestle him to the ground, open his skull; their eyes meet over his warm brains.

Finally, someone who understands.

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Jim: Wherein Bradley Begins A Rescue

Kara was a dream-reader: somebody who could ‘see’ other people’s dreams and remember them. It took a bit of effort but there were many Normals who paid good money to have their gobbledygook dreams written down for them.

So when ‘The Nightmare’ spread like a blanket over Pallas, a lot of people blamed Kara. After all, if she could read dreams, maybe she was writing them, too.

With arc-lamps and tasers, they hunted Kara through the tunnels. And they were closing in.

A young man stepped out of an inky cloud. “Come with me,” he said.

Kara took his hand.

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Dave: An Understanding Ear

"She hates me.  Damn bitch hates me."

Todd wiped the counter and nodded.  The guy was nursing his fourth scotch, and he'd been going on and on about his wife since Todd filled the first glass.

"I mean, I work my ass off, y'know?  When I come home, do I get poured a drink, or get a chance to rest, watch the game? Hell no.  Kids to help with homework, dinner to help put out or clean up, neighbors coming over ... she's at me, all the time.  Damn bitch just hates me, understand?"

Todd did understand. Just not the way the guy meant.

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From The Comments: Rick

Derek couldn't spread his fingers like Mr. Spock, but he certainly tried.

"Live long and prosper!" he would call out to strangers on the street.

Being a Down Syndrome boy let him get away with his Star Trek fantasies around town, but the bad kids at school teased him constantly.

One Saturday, while sitting on a toilet at the Kmart, Derek could see the feet of a boy in front of the urinal beside his stall. Startled and then delighted, he heard the boy cry out with authority, "Make it so Number One!"

Derek's best friend had been beamed aboard.

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