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September 24, 2007


Your free association word of the day is potato.

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David: What's The Matter With Kids Today?

It was a miracle of modern biochemistry: a simple starchy vegetable modified to generate a cocktail of enzymes, neurotransmitters, and serotonin reuptake inhibitors. As a result, anyone who ate one became unnaturally apathetic.

Originally intended for use in mental institutions, to control and sedate the patients, the tuber did not prevent the formation of long-term memories, but rather prevented emotional attachments to those memories. People could remember events, but were unable to care.

Introduction into public schools met with little resistance, owing to the judicious use of the food among the deciding council, where menus identified them as “Idunno Potatoes.”

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Ted: Fruit of the Gods

Once the seven mile deep crater was properly mirrored, solar power was possible throughout the interior of the asteroid. The greenhouses were on the surface. The soil was from mining camps and vac sterilized. Almost every camp in the Belt contributed: and paid James to collect.

The potatoes were amazing.

Grown in micro gravity, and all planted via the eyes rather than seeds, all the new potatoes were identical. Same shape, same size, every time. It made harvesting and processing much easier.

For example, it takes exactly fourteen and a half "Tillie Tots" to cook up a liter of vodka.

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