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August 30, 2007

David: Next, On Springer

“You can’t tell me what to do, Mother! I’m a grown woman!”

“’Grown’?! You’re barely out of swaddling. I refuse to let you see that horrible man again. He’s old enough to be your grandfather.”

“He’s not horrible! He loves me. He’s asked me to move in with him.”

“Absolutely not! You can’t— I can’t…. I’d wither away without you.”

“Mom… you’ll be fine. I’ll visit all the time.”

“Please, don’t….”

“It’s time, Mom. Let me go.”

“Fine. Go. Break your mother’s heart.”

Watching her daughter leave, a tear fell from Demeter’s eye, and the first leaf of autumn dropped.

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How do I leave a huge smile here? The colon & parenthesis just aren't enough, but they'll have to do.

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