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August 30, 2007


Why did summer go so quickly? (Was it something that you said?)

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Sealyon: Late August

“What a gorgeous sunset! Doesn’t the light look different now?”

“What?” He couldn’t hear her over the din of what had to be one gazillion cicadas buzzing.

“The sunset! Isn’t it beautiful? The light almost looks like autumn!” She yelled the words at him.

Bzuzz, bzuzz, bzuzz.



“WHAT? Wait, let me come over there… goddam bugs! How about an end to summer already?!?” He gestured ineffectually at the sky.

Bzuzz, bz –

“I SAID, ISN’T – oh, they’ve stopped. I said: isn’t the sunset is wonderful?”


“Gosh, it’s gotten cold all of a sudden.”

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David: Next, On Springer

“You can’t tell me what to do, Mother! I’m a grown woman!”

“’Grown’?! You’re barely out of swaddling. I refuse to let you see that horrible man again. He’s old enough to be your grandfather.”

“He’s not horrible! He loves me. He’s asked me to move in with him.”

“Absolutely not! You can’t— I can’t…. I’d wither away without you.”

“Mom… you’ll be fine. I’ll visit all the time.”

“Please, don’t….”

“It’s time, Mom. Let me go.”

“Fine. Go. Break your mother’s heart.”

Watching her daughter leave, a tear fell from Demeter’s eye, and the first leaf of autumn dropped.

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Jeff R.:Words that Jangle in Your Head

There are things Lynne and I would never say near Alva, but not everyone is so circumspect. Case in point: Niki's aunt Eileen.

She was babysitting Niki and Alva one May evening. They were untypically, angelically serene, raptly watching the season finale of their favorite television show (You know: the one with teenage Leonardo DaVinci and an aye-aye.)

When the show ended, to their dismay, with a cliffhanger, she told them they'd have to wait three months to find out what happened, 'unless they know how to make the Earth spin faster around the Sun.'

Well, there you have it.

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