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August 24, 2007


Kansas City, Kansas City here I come... you know, like the song.

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Jim: There’s No Place Like Someone Else’s Home

By virtue of being both educated and intelligent, Jack Carr was promoted from Rock Hound to Mineral Surveyor and assigned to a two-man scouting ship.

During his first week, he was sent to survey (3124) Kansas. Just another hunk of rock, he thought. The chunk he drilled for assaying emitted an odd, purplish spray. Not liquid, he decided, but very small, globular creatures, now dead in the vacuum of space.

Jack didn’t want to be known as the man who discovered extra-terrestrial life. After all, he was in hiding.

“Nothing here,” he radioed and jetted away to intercept the ship.

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Jeff R.:Who Dealt this Mess?

I don't like to play low-ball; Jake picks it whenever he's dealing to throw me off my game. I'd normally have folded early, waiting for the next dealer, but Ben was down half his stake, which is when he starts betting stupid. No sense letting anyone else take advantage.

The first round saw four checks, a low bet from Phil, and four calls. Then I dumped my King. Jake wanted us to think he'd done well, and Ben raised right back. I kept calling until Jake gave up on buying out of his bluff and won the table with seven-high.

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