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August 23, 2007


Today's theme is gluttony.

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Sealyon: Even Zombies Get the Blues

How can I be this hungry? he thought. I died 4 days ago.

And then he would think, How can I be thinking? I died. I remember it. How can I remember it?

And then, How can I be this hungry? Aren’t I dead?

His thoughts chase each other endlessly, always coming back to hunger. Hunger so overpowering that he doesn’t recognize his wife, his parents, his children, or his neighbors as he attacks them with a strange new strength, cracks their egg-like skulls, and gorges on the yolk inside. Finally satisfied.

How can I be hungry? Aren’t I dead?

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Jim: The Cholesteroid

“You must diet and exercise, Monsieur D’Aubigne,” his doctors had said. “If you get too large then your heart will give out.”

Gérard D’Aubigne did not care for this advice. His one love was food; and his vast inheritance permitted him to enjoy only the best culinary experiences. But he knew time was running out.

A special mesh-lined bed on the Belt Liner absorbed most of the gravitational and acceleration forces. His final destination was the hollow, zero-G core of (157) Dejanira.

Supply ships arrive monthly and there, in a rock of his own design, Gérard D’Aubigne eats.

And grows.

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