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August 7, 2007


That's a very interesting conspiracy theory ...

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David: Too Soon?

He stood shouting on the corner; he had to get word out. “They’re lying to you about what happened on 9/11! I know the truth!”

Another man stopped to listen to the ranting. “Okay, I’m listening. What really happened?”

“It was muslim terrorists! They came into the US on student visas, and learned how to fly at flight schools in Florida. Then, they hijacked passenger jets with boxcutters, and crashed them into our buildings!”

“So Bush was bankrolling terrorism?”

“No! A Saudi prince named Osama bin Laden was.”

The man shook his head and walked away. “Conspiracy nut,” he muttered.

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Dave: Them

"You -- you're -- you're one of them?"

The strange man looked down at Robert impassively.

"I can tell -- you tricked me into telling you all I knew!  You -- you tricked me!  And now --?"  He glanced around, eyes frantic.  "Now you'll do me in.  You'll kill me, right here!"

The strange man reached into his pocket.

"I knew it!  I knew it!"  He bit his lip, waiting for the gun shot.

The strange man tossed a five dollar bill into Robert's open hat, and walked away.

"You -- you don't fool me!  You'll still be watching!  You want to know what else I know!  You'll change your face, but you'll be back!"

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Ted: It's Always a Girl

"So you think you get it? Ha."

I turned back. I could tell she was a weirdie only by the way she floated. But hey, I see weird shit in here alla time.

"Yeah, hon, I gets it. Poor you. Drink or leave, but don't bump that force field of yours into my regulars."

"All of us, from Mrs Fantastic all the way to Violet Incredible, all the shield generators...all female. Women protect. Men project. That's why they're after me. They want to clone a new generation!"

"Just who's after ya, dollface?"

"Sir! Step away from the Mutant."

"Oh. Dem."

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Jeff R.: The Key

At all comes back to the Quakers.

Now, Benjamin Franklin, he was in the Hellfire Club, invented the radio and Velcro, but had them kept secret until they were needed. But the rest of the founders were Quakers. Like Nixon. Who stole the blackmail tapes from the Watergate to make sure that it was his name that ended up on the moon.

The Quakers got to Carter with the killer rabbit, which was a warning even he could understand. So he stepped aside for the Quakers operating out of Mena, Arkansas.

Don't even get me started about the McKinley assassination.

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