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July 9, 2007


I really should have been paying more attention.

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Jim: Ship Happens II

“The Dutch brig ran low and slow,” Captain Carlisle began. “So when they sought refuge amongst the ice floes, I carefully steered the Madelaine in after them. I wouldn’t trust a midshipman with such delicate maneuvering.

“Night falls suddenly in those northern climes and it wrapped the frozen sea in an ebony blanket pored with bright stars that seemed close enough to pick straight from the heavens. Then the aurora appeared; a shimmering curtain of greens and reds that took my breath away.”

The admiral growled, “And that was when you ran your ship aground?”

“Yes, sir,” Carlisle quietly replied.

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Dave: Lack of Focus

It's easy to get distracted  in Faerie.  That's the whole point.  Glamours, wonders, and nothing is as it looks, because nothing could be so breathtaking, attractive, enchanting ...

That's not a problem when you're there on vacation, mind you.  Make the proper arrangements, grease the right palms, have a modestly trustworthy Power as guarantor, and wandering around Faerie is only as dangerous as visiting Cairo, or Hong Kong, or Paris, or New York.

Try to sneak in, though, or bluff your way past the Borders ... and you're half-blind, half-defeated from the get-go.

Which is why, despite my preparations, I never saw them coming.

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From The Comments: kipp


The light drifts softly through the lace curtains, and lays across the handmade quilt that covers her. She still has such a beautiful little smile, I think, as I try to remember the last time I visited.

Every time I came I always promised her I’d visit more often, yet I would nearly forget what she looks like, even her voice, between my far too seldom stopovers.

An orderly is packing up her things, collecting her family photos and mementos, making room for the next tenant. And as I lovingly hold my mother’s delicate hand, the coroner pronounces her dead.

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I admit it, and take full responsibility. However, and I’m not defending myself here, just explaining certain mitigating factors which may, or may not, affect perception of the consequences of my admitted negligence, I do feel I should point out that, while certain individuals may have suffered more than they would have otherwise, on the whole, looking at the big picture, and taking everything into consideration rather than focusing only on those specific events which reflect poorly upon my conduct, the overall outcome has turned out to be generally beneficial in the long run.

Besides, Rome was pretty darn flammable.

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From The Comments: Barb

“Your eternal punishment won’t be the most awful we’re capable of providing,” Satan sneered from behind his desk at the entry gates. He enjoyed watching the condemned soul squirm against the heat in the flames of hell. “You have mitigating factors. Congratulations. You broke some Commandments.”

“Other gods, graven images, name in vain…check, “ the Devil recited the list by rote. “Working on the sabbath, stealing, bearing false witness, coveting, adultery…check.”
He grinned, showing yellowed teeth. “You even shot and killed a lawyer. Almost a perfect ten.”

“What did I miss, Sir?” ventured the damned.

“Your parents were proud of you.”

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