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May 15, 2007


Today's theme should feature something very sharp.

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David: There's Always One Guy Like This

“’At long last, Lord Norrington, your rule of tyranny ends tonight.’ I step in from the balcony, my silhouette cut from the darkness outside.”

“Okay. Lying on the floor, Norrington turns at the sound of your voice, wincing with pain. ‘So, Scarlet Avenger. It comes to this.’ He struggles to rise. ‘Or should I say, “Duke Finchley?”’”

“I smirk at him. ‘How long have you known, tyrant?’ Also, I approach, looming over him.”

“Norrington coughs, spilling blood onto the floor. ‘Long enough, traitor.’”

“I pull out a wedge of cheese and stab Norrington.”

“The hell? What? How?”

“It’s sharp cheddar.”

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Jeff R.: Inside the Globe

"Yo, Will. The boys have some notes on Act One."

"And what fresh violence are they doing to my words?"

"Well, it's Lear's first exit in scene 4."

"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is
To have-"

"Right. Problem is, your basic serpent, his teeth aren't really so much sharp as pointy, right?"

"What utter nonsense speaks this fool of fools?"

"C'mon, you know I'm right. They don't go cutting things with 'em, just poking holes. We'll go with 'How pointy'r than a serpent's tooth' in the Folio. Ciao."

"The first thing I'll do, I'll kill all the copy-editors."

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Dave: A Body Could Cut Himself

The armored figure swung the sword in a wide, whistling arc.  "I bear in my hand the blade Exsanguinous, forged by Roman mystics seven centuries ago, honed by fell spirits to so keen an edge that you will lay in pieces ere you realize you've been cut.  Surrender."

Roger shrugged and pulled a shorter weapon from his pocket.  "All I got's an M1911A1 Colt .45, liberated from Uncle Sam in '46.  It won't cut anything, but it'll blow a hole through the back of your head the size of a baseball."  He smiled, aimed.  "You want to drop it, or should we play this out?"

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