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May 14, 2007


Today's theme is SMOKE.

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Dave: Where There's Smoke

Roger didn't like fire.  An bad night in Dresden in '45 had left him with nasty scars and underlying tension whenever open flame appeared.  He avoided fireplaces and bonfires.  He did control the fear enough to keep from running screaming into the night when Chrys set a candlelight dinner. He'd politely light people's cigarettes with matches, and he'd even sometimes use a small flame cantrip that big sergeant from Kentucky had taught him -- all stuff he could control.

Upside, of course, he'd quit smoking -- one thing to light a ciggie for a pretty girl, quite another to have smoldering flame inches away from his baby blues.

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David: Coming To Theaters This Summer

A man wearing a shoulder holster and a badge looks over the scene of a grisly murder. He taps out a cigarette and lights it. Medium close-up as the word “Smoke” appears bottom center.

Another man with a badge walks up next to him. “What do you think, partner?” he says.

“I think it’s time we make Boss Malucci disappear.”

The second man puts on a pair of highly reflective sunglasses. The word “Mirrors” appears under his close-up. “It’s magic time.”

Announcer: “In a city rampant with crime, two cops are cleaning thing up like magic. How? Smoke and Mirrors.”

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Jeff R.: Subject X74h

Her name was Jacomina Vitter, but since November 1937 she's been called Rook, Rauch, or Fumo: Smoke. She's a low-grade fire elemental, according to Dr. Mann's classification scheme: the xenovirus transformed her body into something only superficially human. Even resting, her skin temperature is 200 Farenheit, and her fingertips emit thin wisps of milky smoke.

Unlike higher-grade fire elementals like Inferno Dervish or Pyromancer, she cannot shoot balls of fire or transform her body into flames. She can spontaneously combust, turning herself into smoke, and re-form herself later, a talent she made much use of fighting for the Dutch Resistance.

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