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May 8, 2007


May 8 is a day of milestones. On this day in history, the WWII Allies celebrated Victory in Europe, Mohandas Gandhi began his fast in protest of British oppression, and Richmond, Virginia was named the capital of the Confederate States.

But most importantly, on May 8, 1886, pharmacist John Pemberton sold the first glass of Coca Cola. So write a story with carbonated beverages.

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Dave: A Drink on the Deal

Roger took the proferred drink, drained it. 

"Mister," the man in the black suit said, "you got moxie."

Roger frowned a bit.  "I think it was actually a Coca-Cola."  He made a face.  "Not my cuppa, as a friend used to say."

"No, I mean you got spunk.  Spirit.  I can use someone like you."

A shrug.  "Twenty-five a day, plus expenses.  Forty-five if I have to call in my partner."

"Is he any good?"

"It's a she, and she's better than me."  He pushed the glass back at Simmons.  "But for God's sake, don't offer her any of that crap."

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David: We Didn't Start The Fire

The third Cola Wars exploded in the mid-21st century. Battlefields ran red with blood as thick as cherry Dr Pepper. The Cokeheads, still stinging from the betrayal of the Jolt Jockeys, launched a surprise attack against Mount Dew, the stronghold of the ascendant Pepsikins.

It was the Cokeheads’ spy network, led by the mysterious Mr. Pibb, that found the enemy’s weakness. A desperate plan was hatched to flatten the extremist Red Dewlittle Raiders before the final surge against Buffalo Rock

In the end, the conflict would be decided by the shifting loyalties of the mercenary group RC and the Fantas.

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Jeff R.: A Former Associate Lends A Hand

It took two cups of coffee to get me to 'dazed'. I nursed the third.

A man in a long jacket walked into the diner and ordered a cherry coke. The fifteen-year-old behind the counter's eyes fluttered as she served it, and she nearly swooned as he chugged it down. She's weak, but he's bent in other directions.

He handed me a roll of tens and the keys to a rental, tipped his hat, and left the way he came in. We haven't been partners for years, but he still owes me a dozen or so favors. One less, now.

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