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April 30, 2007


Your free association word of the day is disk

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David: Wheels Within Wheels

I died, and my soul flew up and away from my body at the speed of light. Almost instantly, Earth became little more than a blue disk, growing ever smaller and finally receding to a point. Then, I became aware of the entire solar system, from old Sol all the way out past plucky little Pluto and into the Oort cloud, as another disk, an oblique circle that circumscribed all human experience. All living human experience, I corrected myself. Eventually, it shrank away to nothing too.

I look forward to escaping the galactic disk and seeing that from the outside.

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Dave: Pieces of Hate

"I should like you to examine this," she said, setting a coin, a thick, golden disk, on the wooden desktop.  Roger hardly glanced at it.  The woman handing it over was a potential customer, but definite knock-out, dressed to the nines and shaped like the tens. Roger forced himself to remember he was a very happily married man, and wanted to stay that way.

Still, her emerald eyes held his locked as he reached over and picked up the coin.  Only when he felt a hot tingling in his fingers did he realize what a very stupid mistake he'd made.

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Jeff R.: Secrets Hot Enough to Burn

The smells of gasoline and barbequed pork hung heavily in the air. All three cars were bonfires, and just one second away from becoming infernos. A saner man would have run right then, bullet in the shoulder or no bullet in the shoulder.

I walked around to my trunk. Holding my keys through a double layer of shirt, I opened the trunk. It still burned my hand enough to leave a mark, but it was open. The disk with the Lenox file was still there, in its case. I grabbed it and ran down the road, toward the Louisa Diner.

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