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March 30, 2007


"Cos you got my heart in a headlock..." Undoubtedly the stupidest song lyric we've ever heard.

Tell us about an unusual way to express your love.

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Jim: It's For The Best

He remembered last night’s full moon shining through the window and the dappled ghost-light shadows it cast across those perfect breasts. “I love you,” she had said. “Forever and forever.” He had only grinned.

Now he stood, watching the graduation ceremony from a distance. He smiled when he heard her name and collegiate honors. Then he watched her stride across the stage, so proud and so beautiful. She deserved much more than he could ever provide.

He picked up a tattered, plaid suitcase and turned toward the bus stop. She would find the note later.

Forever and forever, it said.

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Dave: A Working Relationship

“Sweety,” Chrys said, suddenly frozen. “If I said there was an enchanted Yao Ren scorpion on your shoulder, what would you say?”

“Um –” Roger was still. “I’d hope it was a punchline to an old family joke?”

“Don’t – move –” Her left hand slowly dipped into a slacks pocket. The scorpion twitched.

“Bad angle,” Chrys muttered, then her hand snapped forward. The thrown blade took the scorpion dead-center. It vanished in a green flash and a whiff of copper.

Roger exhaled in a slow shudder. “I love you, honey.”

She smiled, thinly, a gleam in her eyes. “You better.”

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Jeff R.: The Widow

He never said the words.

That's the thing she remembers, so many years afterwards. He once wrestled with an angel from Ganymede over me, gave me diamonds made from squeezing coal in his bare hands, carved our initials in the face of the moon.

I know there were others: that girl from the distant future where everyone reads minds and nobody needs names, and that one who called herself the goddess Athena, and might well have been. And whatsername, from the seventh dimension. But I was always first.

He never said the words, but he never had to. I knew.

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Michele: Deep Inside

A few times, Brad overheard his wife's phone calls.
"I need you inside me, Mark."
Those words broke his heart.

"How's your dinner, Marcia?"
"What is this? It tastes....gamey."
Brad smiled. "I love you, Marcia. I'd give you anything you wanted. Anything."
"I know you want Mark inside you. Now he is."
Brad pointed at dinner.
Marcia fainted.

Brad smiled to himself. Of course he didn't kill Mark and serve him. That would be sick.

He sat down at the table and continued eating. Grilled Homeless Person wasn't that bad.

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